Conveyancing for Property Sales, Purchases and Re-mortgages

We are very mindful of the fact that moving home can be one of the most stressful events in your life. At Black & McCorry Solicitors we aim to provide you with not only legal support but practical advice too! Professional and experienced support during the course of your sale transaction can significantly help reduce stress as can the simple knowledge that someone is there for you if you need to simply talk things through.

We pride ourselves in providing a comprehensive, responsive and friendly legal service for the sale and purchase of domestic and commercial property. We can also assist in all aspects of re-mortgaging, transferring title, releasing equity and the leasing of domestic and commercial property. Every transaction is different and while most are very straight forward others can reveal difficulties that property owners had previously been unaware of. We are there to help, help you understand your transaction and help resolve any difficulties that arise.

We will provide you with the most accurate Fee Quotation possible. Our fee quotation will include the outlays that we will pay on your behalf through the course of your transaction. You do not have to pay for the outlays straight away as they are normally paid for from the free proceeds of your sale. Please note that the outlays quoted are exactly what we pay out and there are no financial arrangements between us and those third parties that we order reports or other services from.