Black & McCorry provide a full executary service from the smallest to the largest estate. We are more than content to give relatives and executors advice on small estates (under £30,000) and leave you to follow our instructions as to how to wind the estate up. This service is completely free! Why incur legal fees when you do not need a solicitor to wind the estate up?

For larger estates (over £30,000 in value) we offer a full service including Inheritance Tax compliance, Executor/Executrix Appointment, Confirmation Applications, assessment of estates, ingathering and asset search. A range of other services are also available including the transfer of title to heritable property, share transfers etc.

We are only too aware that those of our clients who have been appointed as executors have lost someone dear to them. Whilst we provide a comprehensive and professional service we do not lose sight of the fact that you have suffered a bereavement which may require that we provide you with the necessary personal support as well.

Please feel free to telephone us, even if it’s just to talk things through.